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Clamcoin is a Digital Currency which can be transferred, created, and verified by collective effort of computers running Clamcoin software. Current market value is BTC. Clamcoin is similar to Bitcoin, the original technology, on top of which Clamcoin was created. Clamcoin network follows a rigorous protocol to ensure maintained verification. To become a part of the network, you need only Clamcoin software to run on your computer. The purpose of this network is to independently and collaboratively verify the transfer and creation of Clams. If you want to know More Details on Clamcoin.


Sign up and deposit 10 – 15 Clams in your Justclam wallet. If you don’t have Clams, buy Bitcoin from Coinbase. You can also buy with Credit or Debit Card from Cex.io. Send Bitcoin to Cryptopia or Poloniex Digital Assets Exchanges and buy Clams, or just get some free Clams and deposit in Justclam Wallet. Hold coins and let them mature. Staking is like a lottery and your coins are raffle tickets. More coins you hold, you get more blocks and you are more likely to find a reward. Collectively it becomes easier to find blocks more often, and that’s the whole purpose of Justclam.com. Find More Details on Staking.

Collectively it becomes easier to find blocks more often.
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